“Everything that is here was built on site, and we built it.” The upholstered ceilings (better acoustics); the island bar; the raised dining platform, all of the wooden banquets and detailing; the cabinets lining the top of the open kitchen — everything was handmade by the team. Art and details, such as the feminine figurines perched atop the dining room’s various nooks and posed with wheat stalks, were sourced by the team. While the name Lady’s carries several motifs — the romantic pasta scene from “Lady and the Tramp”; the possessive is a hat-tip to old-school Brooklyn Italian joints — it’s primarily a homage to their business partner Ian Sugarman’s late mother. “She was a very cultured and very inspiring woman who played the piano, played classical music, was a gallerist, was an art collector,” Maddy said. “And she was a lady.”