Our Family

Ian Sugarman

Ian Sugarman is a brand builder and restaurateur who has helped to grow, curate messaging, and monetize companies globally of all sizes over his 20-plus year career.

Sugarman is the Vice Chairman for retail investment banking at Morgan Stanley where he has advised on M+A deals and led capital raises for Michael Kors, Wingstop, Topgolf, Samsonite, Family Dollar, and Shake Shack among many others. Sugarman also provided the founding capital and is a board member of Base FX, a visual effects and animation company operating out of China and Los Angeles. With approximately 500 employees, Base FX has been part of the production process of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, as well as films such as Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Monster Hunt. Base FX has won three Emmy Awards for The Pacific, Boardwalk Empire, and Black Sails.

In addition to film production and retail, Sugarman's other great passion is the hospitality and restaurant business. He is a founder of Sweet Nuthin’ Hospitality Group where he oversees the growth of brands such as No. 7 Sub and the national cocktail brand Weather Up. The latest addition to the Sweet Nuthin’ family is Lady’s in Fort Greene, Brooklyn next to BAM.

Sugarman graduated from The University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business and Fordham Law School. He clerked for the Honorable Kevin Thomas Duffy in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. Sugarman has run the New York Marathon twice, received a CPA, and lives in downtown Brooklyn.

Matthew Maddy

Matthew Maddy is a James Beard nominated restaurant owner, designer and builder who operates in New York, California and London. He is a founding partner in several establishments including Oakland’s Make Westing, the Weather Up series of bars, the No 7 sub shops and restaurant along with Brooklyn restaurants: Chilo’s, Sally Roots and Lady’s. From 2003 to 2005, Maddy lived in Paris, working in a sculptural Bronze foundry. He returned in 2005 to work with Hecho Inc. - the esteemed Brooklyn design/build firm - project managing such projects as The Box NYC. In 2008, Matthew established his own design firm, and has since contributed to the development and construction of 16 bars and restaurants across the country and world. Matthew currently lives in Venice, California and Fort Greene, Brooklyn with his wife Celestine, and his daughter, Ripley. To see all of the restaurants Matthew has worked on please go to www.matthewmaddy.com

Kathryn Weatherup

Kathryn Weatherup hails from Great Britain, and tended her first bar at 18 while studying at Manchester University. While bartending in Paris in 2002, she met Matthew Maddy, her future business partner. The two quickly decided to move stateside and open a bar together. Under the guidance of the legendary Sasha Petraske, Weatherup began honing her craft in the basement of Milk & Honey, learning everything from the foundation of a quality gin martini to proper cocktail service. In 2003, Maddy and Weatherup opened their first bar, Weather Up, in a former church in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. With Maddy’s design of the space, and Petraske and Weatherup’s development of the bar program, Weather Up is regarded as one of the first craft cocktail bars in the city. Weather Up has since opened outposts in TriBeCa and Austin, Texas. Weatherup is also a part owner of Feather Weight in East Williamsburg, and credits her extensive knowledge of ice to her time working with Richie Boccato (Dutch Kills) and “Ice Master” Shintaro Okamoto, resulting in the first in-house ice program in the country at Weather Up’s TriBeCa location. This winter, Weatherup will spearhead the cocktail program at Lady’s, a new Italian restaurant in Downtown Brooklyn, adjacent to BAM. The menu will feature a mix of classics and signature drinks with house-made syrups and a proprietary line of Amari.

Tyler Kord

Tyler Kord was born in Madison, WI, but grew up in Ithaca, NY. He received a BA in English literature in 2000 and moved to New York the following day to pursue a career in writing. Tyler has been cooking professionally since he gave up on his writing career and graduated from the French Culinary Institute (now called the International Culinary Center) in 2002. After graduating with honors he stayed on to work for Chef Alain Sailhac at the school’s restaurant, L’Ecole. In 2006 he left L’Ecole to work for Jean Georges Vongerichten at Perry Street where he became the sous chef and stayed for 3 years. In 2008 he opened No. 7 in Ft. Greene Brooklyn which was called one of the Top Ten New Restaurants in America by Bon Appetit Magazine. Throughout all of the different No. 7 concepts, Tyler’s focus has always been intent on doing the exact opposite of what he sees everybody else doing which has been a key factor in his success as a chef. When the economy collapsed just before No. 7 opened and restaurants quickly became divided into cheap neighborhood places vs fancy and luxurious tasting menus, Tyler opened No. 7’s menu with Jean George technique using inexpensive ingredients and it worked. And in 2010 when it was impossible to find anything that didn’t involve bacon, No. 7 Sub’s menu was conspicuously vegetarian leaning. But Tyler is not content to rest on his laurels and will continue to push the definition of what is delicious and how it is presented until there is a double decker broccoli taco in every city in America. He is the author of Broccoli, published by Shortstack Editions, as well as A Super Upsetting Cookbook About Sandwiches, published by Clarkson Potter.

Katherine Pangaro

Katherine has been in and out of restaurants, cafés and bars for (good grief) over 20 years with the occasional professional detour into the worlds of intelligence and investigations, event planning and disaster relief – all of which continue to be integral to her life with No. 7 where she has happily toiled since 2009. Her BFA in theatre could not have been put to better use.

Aaron Harsha

Growing up in New Orleans, Aaron has been surrounded by great food and culture since birth. His culinary education started young, spending almost every evening watching Good Eats, Molto Mario and Iron Chef, before venturing into his home kitchen and experimenting himself. He attended college in Boston, where he was exposed to a wildly different food scene than the one of his youth. After graduating with a degree in Media Studies, he headed to New York to make the jump from amateur to professional cook. Rather than spending a brief amount of time in many kitchens, he decided to dedicate himself fully to a select few, working his way up the ladder and learning everything he possibly could in the process. After making it to the rank of Sous in an acclaimed Michelin kitchen, he was approached with the opportunity to cook the food he loved the most at Lady’s: pizza, pasta and simple Mediterranean plates designed to be shared, hoarded, savored or devoured. Your choice.

William Baldwin

As Director of Operations, William works with Sweet Nuthin’ leadership to develop and improve operations throughout the Weather Up family. He is also responsible for opening the group’s new project, Lady’s, in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. He has worked with Weather Up for 3 years, originally splitting time between the Brooklyn and TriBeCa locations, before taking over a senior role in TriBeCa. He plays a critical role in event planning, human resources, service training, beverage direction, and anything else that impacts guest experience. From bussing to Beverage Director, William has spent a lifetime in hospitality. He has worked for restaurant groups in Detroit, Seattle, and New York. He is now able to synthesize all of that experience to help create an ideal hospitality environment. Prior to joining the Sweet Nuthin’ team, William worked as GM of The Vanderbilt in Brooklyn, and also did a stint at the venerable East Village mainstay Hearth. Before restaurants, William attended Michigan State University. After finishing his JD, he worked for small law firms before finding his calling in hospitality business. Recently, William completed all course and tasting work available through the American Sommelier Association. He currently enjoys living on Long Island with his wife and dog.

Jeffrey Maslanka

The story begins in In 1986 when Jeffrey started work as a short-order cook in Victor, NY. He spent his formative years in quality kitchens in Arizona before moving to New York where he gained experience in an array of settings before opening the first of three fast casual burger joints in 2006. Ten years later, teaming up with long time friend and respected peer Tyler Kord and company at No. 7 seemed a perfect fit. Helping to fill in the blanks on the new No. 7 Veggie concept and working to grow No. 7 Sub as it joins the Whole Foods Team and expands more and more has proved the perfect challenge for the next chapter.

Reid Watson

Raised in Austin, Texas, the son of bar owners and musicians, Reid Watson has spent his entire life in and out of beer joints from the Southwest to the Northeast. While his father played gigs, he would circle the barroom floors, in search of old regulars to play him in a game of pool and share their tales. During Reid’s summer breaks, he went to work with his parents, doing odd jobs around their bars such as Crown and Anchor and Trail Head, for payment of cold 7-ups and rolls of quarters. He started bussing tables at the age of sixteen and has never looked back. Watson has worked at places such as Perla’s Oyster Bar, Doris and Lambert’s BBQ.

Nico Arze

Nico Arze is a restaurant builder and designer. During his youth he was a curator, contemporary dancer, installation and performance artist, performing briefly for Robert Wilson and Juliette Mapp, dancing his own pieces at Saint Marks church, Judson church, Dance Theater Workshop in NYC and museums and venues elsewhere, curating the Beijing Contemporary Art Biennale in China, exhibiting over 10 solo shows and dozens group shows in Asia, Europe, The Americas (the three of them) and even once in international waters. Nico has worked in some movies as a production designer, the latest being Sundance nominated and Berlin winner Nasty Baby, directed by his best friend Sebastian Silva. Nico has been working in construction since 19, when he built his own home. He dedicated himself fully since creating The American Construction League with his partner Matthew Maddy and the rest of this very special crew. Nico Arze is also part of the New York Mycological Society and spends every weekend studying, observing and hunting macroscopic and microscopic fungi.

Kristine Kittrell

Kristine Kittrell was a traveler before she was a cook. Originally from Canada, she migrated to the Caribbean after college and discovered ceviche, jerk pork, and fried plantains (among other un-Canadian cuisines). After two years, she left to visit parts of the Mediterranean, Mexico, and South Asia, digesting the culinary culture at every stop. When she landed in Austin in 1997, Kristine began working at Jeffrey’s Restaurant. Kristine left Jeffrey’s in 2003 to found El Chile Café y Cantina. Two years later, she helped open that restaurant’s “little brother,” El Chilito. After 5 years with El Chile, Kristine left to further her culinary studies. She staged in Barcelona, working at Michellin starred Comerc 24 and Cinc Sentits, and spent a summer studying pastry in Vancouver B.C. After two years as the Executive Chef at Mulberry, a downtown wine bar, she moved to Weather Up where she became the Executive Chef of an amazing little kitchen under the stairs. While the kitchen still thrives under her leadership, Kristine has broadened her scope of work At Weather Up Austin where she is now the managing partner. She plays a key role in syrup and cocktail development, curates and coordinates events such as the annual Billy Reid Shindig during SXSW and polishes a lot of glassware. Weather Up is more than a job for Kristine. It is a family affair.

Ben Curtis

Born in New Orleans in the early 70's, I was unwittingly transported to the most rural parts of Louisiana to begin my childhood. Growing up a country boy in a liberal hippie household had it's share of contradictions, but in the end helped shape my world view. It wasn't until the early 90's that I moved back to New Orleans where I spent the next decade working every possible hospitality job known to man so I could keep the flexibility to pursue my music career (a completely novel idea I know). After touring the east coast for several years my band and our respective girlfriends left their laze fair lives in New Orleans for the epicenter of the world. I've now called New York my home for almost 18 years. The hospitalities have always remained a constant in my life throughout that time. I've had the pleasure for the last 8 of those 18 years to work for an incredible company. Kathryn Weatherup and her respective bars have not only employed me and some of the most wonderful people I know in the industry for almost a decade but has become my second home. We are a tight knit community of peers and friends. Everyone she employs owes her their loyalty and respect for not only being a rad boss lady but also being a great friend.